Still remnants of moving and reappearing sounds

New work for violin, harp and live electronics commissioned by the Association du Concours Nicati.

Sofiia Suldina and Estelle Costanzo are going to premiere the work at the Lucerne Festival.

03. September 2016, 16 h, Lukaskirche Lucerne


The Navidson Records

For “The Navidson Records” 18 performers emblematically
develop together the concept of a labyrinth with the help of texts, music, and choreography. By means of a cross-media and extensive installation the performance examines that moment when the situation tilts, that moment between when one feels at home and this everyday. What should we do when we suddenly are in nothingness and are nowhere? This uncanny moment can represent situations when we believe we are lost and thrown back on our own. In a mutual performative/musical exploration the performers investigate with the audience the morphogenesis of unsafe situations.
An open work process will be selected for the production and the performance, deliberately taking into account the intermittent loss of orientation.
The constant question is: Which decisions do we have to make in order to reach the center of the labyrinth?
The Navidson Records is a coproduction from Münchener Biennale with KonzertTheater Bern and the Hochschule der Künste Bern - Studiengang Théâtre musical, it is the winner of the Internationalen Plattform Neues Musiktheater 2014 and premiered as a part of the Münchener Biennale at Lothringer 13.

September 8th 2016, 6 - 12 pm, Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern
September 10th 2016, 6 - 12 pm, Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern
September 11th 2016, 6 - 12 pm, Grosse Halle Reitschule Bern

material #0

Double exhibition 'material #0'

A double exhibition by Marcel Zaes & Cyrill Lim.
Zaes & Lim exhibit works of their common series 'material' at Lage Egal, Berlin and Orbital Garden, Berne.
They adapt their works to the galleries' premises to create individual and new versions of each exhibit.

June 30th, 7 - 22 PM, Opening Lage Egal Berlin
July 1st – July 8th, Wed - Sat 3 - 7 PM, Exhibition Lage Egal Berlin

July 7th, 7 PM, Opening Orbital Garden Bern
July 8th – July 15th, daily 4 - 7 PM Exhibition Orbital Garden Bern

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