Setting #3

December 1st, 8 PM, Schlachthaus Theater Berne:

Participation in a living installation for 25 performers by Marcel Zaes
live performed at BONE Festival

10 Jahre CityKircheZug

Wednesday, December 7th 2016, 8 PM
Reformierte Kirche Zug, Alpenstrasse
Church < > City – Videoinstallation

What is happening behind the scenes of the church?
Where is the service's bread coming from? How is a church bell manufactured?
Remo Hegglin and Georges Bonetti pursued these questions and taped their impressions to video.

The whole movie is going to be accompanied with city sounds (Cyrill Lim) and organ (Miklos Arpas).

HYPER DUO feat. Cyrill Lim: Hyper Fuzz / Trabant Echo

A Hyper Duo project with Julien Mégroz and Gilles Grimaître, with pieces by John Psathas, Nicolas von Ritter-Zahony, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Julien Mégroz, Gilles Grimaître and Frank Zappa.
Interludes and electronics by Cyrill Lim

12.02.17 - Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin DE
14.02.17 - Wedrowki, Wroclaw PL
16.02.17 - KulTurnhalle, Leipzig DE
17.02.17 - Grandhotel Cosmopolis, Augsburg DE
18.02.17 - Barakuba, Basel CH
22.02.17 - Espace Noir, St-Imier CH
23.02.17 - La Voirie, Biel/Bienne CH
26.02.17 - Club Hive, Zürich CH
24.03.17 - Numu, Claquekeller, Baden CH